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What is VPS Hosting and How It Works?

When you wanna make visible a website on the internet first you need a domain name then you need a hosting server. Typically hosting provider sell server and this service is known as web hosting.

So,What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It seems that a VPS behaves like a dedicated server, but with allocated system resources. With a VPS server, You have a good level of server control, but you’re still operating under a shared server with others. VPS hosting and shared hosting look similar but both are not the same. VPS hosting creates a virtual environment for users. While shared hosting is all about sharing a server and its resources with other sites.

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Advantages of using VPS hosting:

  • With a VPS, You have your own operating system so, you can customize it to your                  needs. 
  • You have your own operating system and you can choose the operating system so, you        can customize it by your needs.
  • You and your visitors will enjoy faster load time with a VPS hosting.
  • VPS hosting provides more disk space, CPU and RAM.
  • It’s also much less expensive.

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