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What is Shared Hosting and How it’s Works?

It’s one of the most popular hosting options for those who are thinking about creating their first websites. But, do you know What is Shared Hosting and How it’s Works. will it work for your website?

Let’s know about it when a single physical server hosts lots of sites and many users utilize resources form that server then it’s called shared hosting. Shared hosting is a low expensive way to create a website or blog. 

This type of hosting is best for a small website or blog, who are doesn’t working with advanced configurations or high bandwidth. But shared hosting is not suited for sites with high traffic and high volume.

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Let’s know are some Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting


  1. When you work with shared hosting then the hosting provider is taken cared of the server                     maintenance, so you don’t have to tension about server issues. 
  2. Many companies provide multiple levels of hosting, so you can upgrade or change your hosting         package if you need it. 
  3. It’s the cheapest hosting option available.
  4. very easy to learn and manage for beginners.


  • lots of sites and many users utilize resources to form one server so your website load         time can be slower.
  • When you are buying hosting for your website then security is the most important                 issue,  but  shared hosting security is very less coz they provide lots of service without         any warranty. In  shared hosting, your website can be hack easily.
  • In shared hosting, you will be got limited permission to the server. So there’s a lack of           customization options.

Now we know what is shared hosting. Hope it will help you.  

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