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What is Dedicated Hosting | How Dedicated Hosting Works?

When you’re finding the best type of hosting for your website, you’re going to have many options. One of the best form them you will probably come to choose is called dedicated hosting. This hosting package comes with a dedicated server and full access to server resources (CPU, Memory, Disk Space) to a single client. You can optimize a dedicated server by your unique requirements, including performance and security. So, if you need a fast-growing website with higher levels of performance, security and scalability then dedicated hosting is best for you.

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Advantages of Dedicated Hosting:

  • If you need a high volume of traffic then a dedicated server can be the best option for handling it.
  • when you using dedicated hosting that means you have a dedicated server and with a dedicated        server, you have your own unique IP address. It very important if you run a large company or an         e-commerce site that requires SSL for credit card processing.
  • Maximum dedicated hosting providers will give you the option of choosing an operating system        for your servers like CentOS, Cloud Linux, and the Windows Server.
  • With dedicated hosting, you have root access to the server. This access will give you great                  control over the hardware and software.
  • you can make secure your information with maximum security. 

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting:

  • Though dedicated hosting is the best but it’s the most expensive type of hosting
  • You have to pay for the hardware and its maintenance. You also need to hire IT, professionals. 
  • Dedicated hosting is not the best option for running a new website.
  • If you’re not happy with this hosting that time you cannot simply change it.

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