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What is a Domain Name | difference between free and paid domain


When you decided to build a website then you have to choose a domain name. So, the question is “what is domain name” and what’s the difference between free and paid domain.

A domain name is some unique character (It’s like your fingerprint) that use to identify a specific website. you will see a word or some character in a domain name but at the backend its a unique IP address. 

A website address comes with two parts first is a domain name and the second is an extension like “www.ssttechbd.com” is a website address here “ssttechbd” is a domain name and “.com” is the top-level extension. 

Why Domain Name is Important?

Once you’ve chosen your domain name for your blog or your website then you can easily change your blog’s or website theme or domain hosting provider, but you have to stay with the same domain. If you change your domain name, you have to start your blog or website all over again. If you change domain name you will lose your SEO ranking. A good domain name builds your brand. When your domain name matches the name of your blog, it will increase your brand ranking.

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If you want to know about Top-Level Extension then, top-level extension is the first 6 domain extension established by IANA.

difference between free and paid domain:


There are some website builders like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, etc. They provide free domain but if you use their free service you have you use their brand name after your domain name it will look like, 





When you will buy a paid domain you will get only your domain name with an extension like www.ssttechbd.com.

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